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Digital Proof of Insurance with Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet with omniPass from Omnibasis

Digital Proof of Insurance (DPI) refers to an electronic version of an insurance card or policy that can be displayed on a mobile device or computer. DPI is a convenient alternative to traditional paper insurance cards that are often easily misplaced or damaged.

Insurance companies around the world are turning to Omnibasis and omniPass solution to offer the option of a digital proof of insurance, allowing policyholders to access their insurance information through a mobile app or online portal hosted by Omnibasis with a branded white label site.

For car insurance, most states in United States also allow drivers to show their DPI during a traffic stop, rather than requiring a physical insurance card.

Mobile Wallet Introduction

Users do not want to download yet another app on their mobile device and prefer to use a mobile wallet.

A mobile wallet is a digital platform that allows users to store payment information, loyalty cards, and other types of digital content in a single, convenient location. This digital wallet can be accessed through a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile wallets may also offer additional features, such as the ability to store and redeem coupons or to keep track of loyalty points. Some mobile wallets also integrate with other apps, allowing users to pay for goods and services without leaving their favorite shopping or ordering apps.

There are a number of reasons why users may prefer a mobile wallet over downloading a separate app:

1.       Convenience: Mobile wallets are typically pre-installed on smartphones or are easily accessible for download through app stores, making them readily available to users. This eliminates the need for users to download and manage multiple apps.

2.       Reduced clutter: By using a mobile wallet, users can reduce the number of physical cards and paper coupons they need to carry around with them, streamlining their wallet or purse.

3.       Security: Mobile wallets use advanced encryption and authentication methods to keep user information safe. This can help alleviate concerns about security risks associated with downloading multiple apps.

4.       Time-saving: With a mobile wallet, users can quickly and easily access and manage their payment information, loyalty cards, and other digital content, without the need to search for or navigate through multiple apps.

5.       Consistent user experience: Mobile wallets offer a consistent user experience across different brands and retailers, making it easy for users to interact with various loyalty and payment programs.

Mobile wallets offer users a more convenient, streamlined, and secure way to manage user digital content like insurance card information, without the need to download and manage multiple apps.

omniPass support popular mobile wallets include Apple Pay and Google Pay which are found on all mobile devices.

Mobile Wallet Use Case in Insurance Industry

According to omniPass analytics data across multiple insurance companies around 30% of customers who receive an email or text message and read it, opt-in to install digital proof in their mobile wallet.

Once installed, policyholders and insurance companies both benefit from use of Digital Proof of Insurance:

1.       Convenience: Policyholders can easily access their insurance information from their mobile device.

2.       Reduced paper waste: By using a DPI, policyholders can reduce the need for physical paper insurance cards.

3.       Easy to update: DPI can be updated easily, ensuring that policyholders always have the most current insurance information.

4.       Improved security: With a DPI, policyholders can reduce the risk of having their insurance information stolen or lost. DPI can be paired with digital identity verification and Digital ID to eliminate insurance fraud.


Let’s review some of the popular use cases for Mobile Wallets in the insurance industry:

1.       Digital proof of insurance

Insurance companies can use mobile wallets to provide customers with digital proof of insurance, making it easy for them to access and share their insurance information. This can help reduce the risk of lost or damaged physical insurance cards. Resulting in convenient access so members can easily access their membership cards from their mobile device, eliminating the need to carry around a physical card.

2.       Real-time updates

Mobile wallets can provide members with real-time updates on their membership status, insurance coverage, any rewards points, making it easy for them to keep track of their membership benefits.

3.       Enhanced security

Mobile wallets use advanced encryption and authentication methods to keep membership card information safe, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

4.       Personalization

Mobile wallets can be customized to display personalized membership information, making it easy for members to identify their membership status and rewards. For example, DPI can display policyholder picture or be connected to Digital ID.

5.       Premium payments

Mobile wallets can be used to make premium payments, allowing customers to easily pay their bills through their smartphone or tablet. This can help reduce the number of missed payments and improve overall customer satisfaction.

6.       Claims processing

Mobile wallets can streamline the claims processing process by allowing customers to easily upload photos and other documentation directly from their device. This can help reduce the time and resources required to process claims and improve overall efficiency.

7.       Loyalty programs

Insurance companies can also use mobile wallets to offer loyalty programs, providing customers with rewards and incentives for staying with their company. This can help improve customer retention and loyalty.

8.       Emergency assistance

In the event of an emergency, mobile wallets can provide customers with quick access to their insurance information and emergency assistance services. This can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with emergency situations. For example, emergency phone number listed on a mobile wallet can be dialed with one click.

Easy To Get Started

If your insurance company does not offer DPI via Mobile Wallet, send them a link to omniPass solution from Omnibasis. With Omnibasis mobile wallets offer insurance companies a convenient and efficient way to engage with customers, streamline processes, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Learn more about omniPass and powerful mobile wallet platform to engage with your customers on the go.

About Omnibasis

Omnibasis is a business management solution to run your sales, marketing, commerce, and operations powered by Blockchain technology. Visit to meet the cloud operating system for your business.


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