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How to use eCommerce Gift Cards to grow your Business

Gift cards are big business! Offering gift cards isn't a new idea for businesses, and it’s an increasingly important tool to use and grow your business offline and online. Gift cards always make a great present are widely given and appreciated.

Whether you already have a gift card program or are thinking about adding the option, you can boost your bottom line. With no monthly fees Omnibasis offers you an eCommerce platform to distribute and redeem gift cards with a powerful mobile wallet integration. In minutes, you can add gift cards sale to your eCommerce business.

Increase Your Revenue

Gift card sales bring in money when they’re purchased, but they also offer an opportunity for additional revenue when they’re redeemed. When user redeems the card, they most likely will spend an additional money on top of the card's amount.

When shoppers use a gift card, they feel like they are spending free money and more likely to purchase more.

Introduce Your Brand to New Customers

What a better and free way to expose your business to people who may not have otherwise shopped in your store. When customers who already know and love your business, purchase gift cards for friends, family or neighbors, they help to grow your customers.

Consider using a give gift card when you’re making a donation to a local fundraising event. When you provide a gift card in lieu of a product or service, you open the door for the recipient to use their prize and perhaps spend extra money. Distributing gift cards via fundraisers also boosts your brand recognition as well as creates a reputation of being a business owner who supports their community.

Gift cards is a great way to expose your business to people who may not have otherwise shopped in your store.

Drive More Business To Your Website

eCommerce digital gift cards are now more popular than in store cards. It offers a convenience to purchase a gift card through your website, saving a trip to the store — perfect for last-minute gift purchases. The card is emailed to the recipient, eliminating the need for paper or plastic gift cards or certificates.

Omnibasis offers a mobile wallet integration of a gift card with omniPass, where customers install the gift card right into their Apple or Google phone with built mobile wallet apps.

Combine gift cards with the right marketing strategy and drive a lot more traffic than any other source.

With eCommerce gift cards popularity, you need to put an effort to send the message that you’re providing one. In no time you’ll see the surge in traffic. Both the buyer and receiver of the gift card are bound to pay visits to your online marketplace.

Make sure to utilize the potential of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., email marketing and targeted advertising to spread the word about gift cards on your e-commerce store. omniCommerce offers you all the tools to spread your message with integrated omniMarketer solution integrated into your website and customer experience.

Build Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business

Increase loyalty with your current customers and offer them a discount on a gift card. Also, you can offer customers a free $20 gift card to customers who purchase $200 in gift cards.

Discount offer or free gift card offer encourage a purchaser to spend more money, driving up the amount of your gift card sale. Omnibasis offers a flexible rule engine that allows you to configure a bonus gift card validity after the holidays or for a short period of time. This is a sure way to boost sales during the first quarter of a new year.

Gain new visibility and customer loyalty with gift cards. A gift card recipient is almost 100% likely to visit your store at least once. This is your golden chance to make an impression. Offer a special benefit with a gift card to earn new customer trust and encouraged to gift more.

Increase After-Holiday Sales

Gift cards generate sales twice. Once when they’re bought and second time when they redeemed. If your website manages to create a right first impression, people with gift cards actually end up buying more than the value that card offers.

Businesses enjoy the spike in sales that happens during the fourth quarter, but that can make January and February feel very slow and a dud. Gift cards bring recipients through your doors during after the holidays as they spend their present. That can help increase your first-quarter revenue.

Do not let eCommerce business die after the holiday sales rush. Use gift cards to support your business sales spirit high.

Compete With Other Businesses

Any business that offers gift cards can compete with others. Giving a gift card is a personal experience when it comes with a thought of choosing a specific business, like a customer’s favorite store.

Let your current customers know that you offer gift cards, so you’re top of mind when they’re in the market for a special gift. Omnibasis allows you to personalize your emails with a gift card. Display a sign for gift cards near the cash register. Use signage around the store that promotes your gift card options to shoppers as they browse. And include gift card offers in your email marketing and social media campaigns.

Gift cards are personalized and unique gifting option. Usually, people purchase gift cards to give them to their special ones but in rare cases, it is also witnessed that people do buy gift cards for themselves too to purchase during a time of crisis or for leveraging additional discounts.

Use To Manage Returns, Rebates and Rewards

Offering a gift card is a great way to keep dollars in your business when a customer wants to return an item to your store but doesn’t have a receipt. This can also be an option if a customer wants to return an item after your regular grace period. By providing the customer with an option, you’re more likely to keep them satisfied and coming back to spend more money with you later.

Business can also use gift cards as a reward for employees and customers. Offer your best salesperson a gift card as a reward for their hard work, or give your VIP customers a gift card as a thank you. You can also incorporate gift cards into your loyalty program as a reward for multiple purchases with your brand.

Getting Started with eCommerce Gift cards

To move forward with using gift cards to drive your business revenues, you’ll need to setup a business account on Omnibasis and configure a gift card product with various amounts you want to charge.

Start leveraging your e-mail marketing list. Begin building an e-mail list from the starting days of your business. This list can prove to be instrumental in marketing your gift cards. A holiday-themed mail sent out to the entire list, announcing and promoting your gift cards will ensure improved traffic ahead and during holiday sale season.

Leverage social media channels for effectively promoting your gift cards both prior to and during sale season. It’s crucial to find out the channels where your target customers are most active on and make efforts to attract them there.

Announce on your website and make it a point to inform your customers of the availability of gift cards. The announcement needs to done in a way to attract the maximum attention of website visitors. A well-placed banner and a carefully timed pop-up can convey the message in a moment.

Complete eCommerce and Gift cards solution on Omnibasis

Now that you understand how important gift card sales can be to your business, it’s time to add them to your inventory. Selling gift cards is an easy way to meet your shoppers’ demands and offer them full service. Not only are they a popular sale; they’re the gift that keeps on giving for retailers.

Omnibasis offers a complete gift card solution to help your business grow. This gift card features integrated into omniCommerce and delivers you a variety of options to grow your sales and revenue in specific ways without restricting yourself or your customers.

With omniCommerce you will find an easy management tools to power your gift cards and track their performance and usages with time. Start selling your gift cards with omniCommerce on Omnibasis today with no monthly fees and full featured solution.


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