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Protecting Your Business - Why To Verify New Users

In today's digital age, businesses of all sizes rely on online user accounts and registration to engage customers and facilitate transactions. However, fraudulent accounts and spam registrations can post risks ranging from damaged reputation to financial and data theft losses. That's why verifying new user information is a vital safeguard for modern businesses.

Email and Phone Verification: A Critical First Line of Defense

When a new customer signs up for an account with your business, how do you know they are who they claim to be? Without some form of identity verification, it's impossible to confirm new users provide legitimate details. Requiring new registrants to verify their email address or phone number adds an extra layer of identity confirmation.

Once a registration is initiated, a verification code or link can be sent to the provided contact information. Entering that confirmation data proves the user has active access and ownership of the details they just entered. This upfront verification filters out spam accounts, repeat fake signups, and other malicious or invalid user entries before they ever fully access your systems.

Deterring Fraud While Prioritizing Real Customers

Most customers understand the value of reasonable identity verification and will complete prompt confirmation steps to access your services. At the same time, adding email and phone verification curbs automated bots and fraudsters looking for easy registration opportunities for malicious activity. Deterring these bad actors protects your revenues while prioritizing security for your legitimate customers.

Upfront user ID confirmation allows you to provide convenient, personalized service fast to verified users. Simultaneously, roadblocks deter large-scale fraud attacks that abuse registration systems with invalid signups for criminal financial gain and harvesting of customer data. Verify with a light touch during registration to strike the right balance between security and customer experience.

An Added Layer of Protection for Your Systems

Requiring and validating basic user details adds a reinforced guardrail around your digital business systems and customer data storage. Confirming accessible contact info connects records to real identities from the start while limiting fake and fraudulent account generation attempts before they get their feet in the digital door.

Protect your systems, safeguard revenues, deter data theft, and build customer trust and loyalty by adding simple email and SMS verification checks to your new user registration processes from day one. When it comes to securing your business in the digital world, take the proactive step of confirming user provided information before allowing full access and privileges. It's a small action that pays significant trust and security dividends across your business and customer network for the long term.

One of the most effective tools for email and phone number verification is built in Omnibasis. Omnibasis Email and Phone number Verification is an email verification service that helps businesses to verify the validity of their user emails and phone numbers. It is a powerful tool that can help businesses to improve their email and text message deliverability and engagement rates. Sign up today at 


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