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The Ultimate Guide to Digital ID with Mobile Wallet

In this guide you learn everything you need to know about Digital ID wallet and proving your identity with a greater privacy and all your ID credentials at hand on your mobile device.

Make A Case for Digital ID

How many identity cards do you have in your wallet? Go ahead, open your wallet and count. I counted at least 5: driver license, car insurance, health insurance, dentist insurance, and eye & vision insurance. All these traditional documents have served us well but in a changing world with all of us carrying around a mobile device, our phones can take over the function of those documents.

Identity documents like insurance card, national ID cards, driver license all prime target to be wallet items to digitized into the mobile phone. Digital IDs have the power to transform business processes dramatically with new trust, privacy-protection, and security like never before.

Products like Omnibasis Digital ID based on omniPass allows customers to benefit from a secure and trusted digital ID that can be replacement or a complement to the physical ID. Intuitive and easy-to-use, Mobile Wallet application is unlocked by a user on their mobile phone with built in security provided by a device like a selfie match to verify identity, or by using a self-selected PIN or TouchID/FaceID. Digital ID powers people to control their identities by allowing them to share only the information needed for a transaction. For example, if a Digital ID user needs to prove that they are old enough to buy alcohol, they can select a privacy view that only shows their name and that they are older than the legal age required by law. No other personal information, like date of birth, address, or phone number, is shown to the person checking the ID.

In addition, Digital ID transforms the way businesses can interact with their customers. It builds on the security of the ID issuing process, while adding extra layers of anti-fraud protection and the ability to use it for online ID verification powered by Blockchain Technology. With established self-service portal, businesses can easily keep up to date important identity information, like customer address, expiration, revocation and geo location. Digital ID Mobile Wallet is the future of secure identity management by businesses and governments around the world.


Digital ID Benefits

With Digital ID it became super easy to prove who you are, or access the rights and services to which we are entitled - both online and in the 'real world'.

Beyond the outstanding convenience, the Digital ID Mobile Wallet offers a person complete control over their data, with the freedom to decide exactly what information to share, with whom, and when.

At the same time, it provides issuing authorities with the opportunity to create a compliment to a physical identity documents that are straightforward to issue, manage and verify, delivering a powerful tool to fight ID fraud, reduce red tape and boost efficiency.


What is Driving Digital ID Adoption

It is a simple fact, that proving that we are who we claim to be is a near-essential element of modern life. In the real world, we've long relied on physical credentials such as ID cards, health cards, and driving license to provide the necessary evidence. And for online authentication, we user a crud version of username and password for identification.

However, what's been missing is a solution that simultaneously addresses both our digital and real-world requirements, which is precisely where the Digital ID Mobile Wallet fits into the picture.

Solution from Omnibasis establishes a reliable all-in-one identity platform that puts customers in full control of their data. For customers and document issuers alike, the Digital ID Mobile Wallet, therefore, represents a missing piece in the frictionless customer experience with a trusted environment in which innovative, user-focused ID initiatives can now realize their full potential.

Digital ID adoption is experiencing a rapid expansion, with the report from Market Insight published in January 2020 predicting a 24% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for Digital ID initiatives worldwide, fueled not only by the digitalization of identities but also driving licenses and healthcare credentials.

Digital ID Mobile Wallet builds a compelling case with:

1.       A single and secure source for any number of different identity services;

2.       Entirely new standard in people privacy.

3.       Building frictionless transactions;

Let's look at each one in a little more details.

Digital ID Identity Services

The Digital ID Mobile Wallet offers a rich variety of identity-related services. Across both the online and the offline, the Mobile Wallet ID makes it quick and easy for the person to fulfil the simple task of proving their identity with secure trusted credentials.

For example, to open a bank account in a branch, customer can use their Digital ID credentials in the same way as its physical equivalent for verify their identity.

The same Digital ID credential can be used to complete the task online as well.

In another example, if asked by a police officer to show evidence of the right to drive, driver can show Mobile Wallet ID embedded in their smartphone. With this ID wallet, that driver's license is also a source of additional information, such as its current status and any endorsements. With the driver's permission, seamless access to this real-time data can be given to police and other law enforcement officers. 

The new Digital ID Mobile Wallet reflects the fact that providing proof of identity is only the first step. Other ID attributes or entitlement – age, address, the right to vote or access to benefits enables the Digital ID holder to share only what is necessary to verify a transaction, and nothing more. It can facilitate frictionless access to age-restricted activities such as gambling and purchasing alcohol (both online and in-person), without the holder having to provide unnecessary personal details.

Entirely new standard in people privacy

The Digital ID Mobile Wallet sets new standards for user privacy and control. It offers the support of any number of different credentials in a single location on the mobile device, each one is securely ring-fenced by its issuer.  The issuer of a digital driving license, for example, cannot access data from a digital health insurance card in the same wallet.

Omnibasis Digital ID solution is built on the principle of user consent. Digital credentials remain with the user at all times, and under his or her sole control.

The presence of a Digital ID Mobile Wallet on the customer's smartphone opens a direct and secure communication channel to any business or government to engage in one-on-one timely and direct communication.

For example, customers can benefit from timely reminders on vaccinations, receive details on how to participate in forthcoming elections, and be issued efficiently with driving penalties and endorsements.

Building Frictionless Transactions

With Digital ID credentials at hand, businesses and governments are building a trusted environment for frictionless transactions.

Think a scenario of losing a physical wallet, or having it stolen, can be nothing short of a nightmare. In the wrong hands, ID credentials might provide everything needed to clone an identity. On top of that, cancelling and replacing multiple different physical credentials is a time-consuming and challenging task for anyone.

Contrast that with losing a Digital ID Mobile Wallet.

Even the most determined fraudster or criminal will be unable to leverage the user's credentials, and the ID wallet can be revoked over the air and in near real-time, making it unusable.

In addition, if the smartphone is not returned to the rightful owner, all the relevant digital credentials can be downloaded quickly and easily to a new mobile device. Credentials can always be updated remotely with accuracy and convenience.

The powerful combination of security and convenience embodied in the Digital ID Mobile Wallet is made by one integration platform provided by Omnibasis.

Security Challenges

Omnibasis Digital ID solution brings the best-in-class features, protecting the Digital ID Mobile Wallet against advanced threats and malware attacks, fulfilling the highest and most stringent security requirements of businesses and governments alike. 

With advanced multi-layered security techniques and sophisticated encryption to ensure the ironclad protection of sensitive information.

​​​​The delivery of successful and secure digital identity is fundamental to the next wave of business and government services. It is critical to support the digital transformation of their business processes and develop trusted public and private digital services.

Omnibasis Blockchain Integration opens a new level of trust and security. A shared ledger enables secure record-keeping and increased efficiency and speed.


The need for mobility and convenience

Accessibility is key to the success and adoption of digital services. Given the sheer volume of devices worldwide (6 billion devices to be in circulation by 2020, according to IHS market research), smartphones offer a compelling proposition for anyone seeking to provide customers with secure and convenient access to online services.

The latest report from Juniper Research even forecasts over 3 billion citizens around the world will be equipped with a government-initiated mobile ID app by 2024

Users want a secure digital identity and frictionless mobile experience when transacting online.

They are ready for mobile identity and want to replace passwords with simple mobile-based PINs and/or biometric authentication to take full advantage of the wealth of fast and convenient digital services available.

If they knew the app was secure, 70% of online service users would want digital ID documents on their smartphone.

Build your own Digital ID Mobile Wallet with no monthly fees on Omnibasis today. You can learn how to build Digital ID with step-by-step Video tutorial. Learn more about Omnibasis Digital ID Solutions.


About Omnibasis

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